KOOVON Shower Squeegee for Shower Doors, Bathroom, Window and Car Glass, Stainless Steel

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Excellent and stylish bathroom squeegee

The elegant chrome shower squeegee for shower glass door is made of high-quality stainless steel handle and extended rubber scraper perfectly together, soft surface hardness, will not scratch your glass or mirrors.

Window Squeegee Equipped with two different hooks

Sticking hook: The hooks can be attached to a dry, smooth surface. such as glass shower doors, mirrors, glazed tiles, steel and PVC.

Silicone holder: You can use it in everything you can hang, such as bathroom door, glass door, door handle.No tools required!

Comfortable T-shaped Design - Easy To Grip

Shower squeegee with grooves fit the ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to grip, helping to reduce noise and protect expensive windows or mirrors from extra damage and scratches.

Replaceable & High-Quality Rubber Blade

A replaceable wiper blade extends the life of the scraper. The wiper blade shower is efficient for water scraping and has a great seal. Our silicone lip has enabled a drip-free and streak-free cleaning result assuring a very clean and shiny glass.


Materials: Stainless Steel Handle & Silicone Blade

Weight: 326g

The blade length: 26cm/ 10.2"

The handle length: 16.2cm/ 6.3"


The shower scraper blade is well balanced so no need to put too much pressure when wiping, let its natural weight and balance do the work.

Wet the silicone strip before use. After use, the product should be kept dry. Also, please do not clean the silicone wiper blade with a brush. Just wash it off with warm water and detergent.

If you choose to use a hook to hang the squeegee, please do not attach the hook to rough surfaces such as stones and uneven tiles. The hook has better adhesion on the dry, smooth surface. After installing the hook for 24 hours, hang the wiper on the hook.

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