Koovon Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Ultralight Camping Mattress with Pillow, Waterproof Double-Sided Color Sleeping Pad, Portable Folding Inflating Single Bed Air Pad for Outdoor Backpack, Blue Green

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Choose this ultra-light, compact, portable folding sleeping mat that gives you a homely and comfortable experience to enjoy nature. This inflatable sleeping mat has double-sided material. The camping sleeping mat is lightweight: 640g and small packed dimensions: 22.5 x 9 cm, inflatable dimensions: 200 x 58 x 6 cm. Quick inflatable: Easily inflates mouth in 1-2 minutes. The mattress does not require a pump. The air mat including the pillow is extremely comfortable and durable. The thickness of 6 cm and special egg nest design to sleep comfortably at any time. Easy to maintain and waterproof. A good companion for hiking, trekking and camping.
The sleeping mat has thas double-sided material: polyester and TPU, elastic fabric and TPU material. The green side is made of polyester and TPU nylon material. This is waterproof and dry quickly. Don't worry it will get wet on a rainy day. The blue side is made of TPU nylon and especially with a cover of elastic cloth on which no big noise when moving and you sleep peacefully. The surface is knitted and velvety, which is breathable and absorbs perspiration.
Neck protection air cushion: The circular arc design adapts to the cervical vertebrae and harnesses the traction of the hindbrain even during sleep, allowing the hindbrain and cervical vertebrae to sit comfortably throughout the night. You have smooth circulation. The pressure of the cervical vertebra is relieved effectively and the fatigue triggers.
Easy mouth inflatable in 1 minute. The mattress does not need a pump at all. Double unidirectional inflation opening. Open the vent and easily release the air from the inflatable mat. The air inlet hole has a recoil layer that does not drain the internal gas.

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