Koovon High Pressure Shower Head, 5-Settings Handheld Showerhead with on/off Full Shutoff Push Button and Switch to Control Flow

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Comfortable 5-spray mode
  • One-button free adjustment of water power, which is convenient for the whole family to switch to the mode of their choice. 
  • There are 5 shower modes (Jet, Rain, Hybrid) and jet modes: the best jet water for face wash, sensitive skin and babies. Rain Mode: Pine gushing water is used to cleanse the scalp and shampoo. 
  • Blend Mode: Provides a lot of moisture to your body skin, allowing you to soak faster and better. Can give you a comfortable shower in any mode.
Convenient operation method
  • The shower itself has a water stop button, which is super convenient. When shampooing or bathing your child, you can use STOP to switch off the hot water on hand. Temporarily stop the flow of the shower. You can eliminate the hassle of reaching for the faucet.
  •  In addition, the safety valve that reduces the burden on the water supply operates when the water is cut off, so you can use it with confidence. 
  • The head can be easily removed and cleaned. Using the shower for a long time will inevitably accumulate dirt, improve the function of the detachable product, ensure the water quality is clean, and prolong the service life of the shower
Water-saving ultra-fine water flow
  • Using 0.3mm ultra-fine holes, the number of holes is 70, and the number of holes is small, so even a small amount of water can be vigorous, achieving a silky and delicate bathing comfort. 
  • The shower head adopts LUV technology that can save water and precision water spray disc, which saves about 70% of water! 
  • You can get the same or better usability using less water than a traditional shower. At the same time, you can save on water and utility bills. It's also family budget friendly! 
  • In addition, it features air pressure boosting, which is more comfortable and softer than ordinary water, allowing it to be used at a comfortable water pressure even on higher floors of facilities with lower water pressure. 
Pressurization function
  • Specially designed for Japanese water pressure, the water output increases greatly.
  • Length: 28cm
  • Panel Width: 12cm
  • Thickness: 5cm

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