Koovon Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer for Refrigerator, 15.67'' Clear Rectangular Fridge Organizer Storage, Square Lazy Susan for Refrigerator Cabinet, Table, Pantry, Kitchen, Countertop

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KOOVON’s philosophy is all about clean and tidy spaces that not only make life more comfortable but also more enjoyable.
KOOVON values simplicity, practicality, and a clean aesthetic in its products.
KOOVON is the go-to brand for anyone who wants to make their kitchen more organized and efficient. A cluttered kitchen can be a source of stress and frustration, but with KOOVON ’s help, you can transform their spaces into a haven of calm and comfort.

Color: Clear
Material: PET
Weight: 2.65lbs
Item Dimensions: 15.67 x 11.73 x 1.26 inches
Care: Wipe it clean with a soft cloth moistened with water and mild dish detergent or soap.
Cleaning taboos: It cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasives to clean it. Don't use brushes, wire balls or other scouring materials to clean the surface.
Load Capacity: Central load up to 8 kg, off-center load up to 3 kg, 8 kg load when turned out
Surfaces for installation: Suction cups for smooth surfaces, such as polished wood, glass, tile, or marble. For other surfaces, there may be problems with suction cups failing to attach.
Temperature range: 0 to 40
Accessible substances: Olive oil, coffee, etc.
Non-accessible substances: Ethanol, solvent, alcohol over 30%, etc.

Minimum Area Needed: Say goodbye to cluttered and cramped, and make the most efficient use of your refrigerator or cabinet space. This refrigerator lazy susan organizer is designed to fit in most fridges and cabinets with a minimum area requirement without taking up too much valuable space. The 360° rotation design ensures that you can effortlessly and swiftly locate and retrieve items stored inside.
Anti-slip Suction Cups: The suction cups ensure that the acrylic lazy susan organizer remains securely in place on the table while using it. This practical design allows for easy removal of the clear lazy susan turntable. You can easily place it in your refrigerator or cabinet or easily remove it.
High-quality Acrylic: Crafted from high-quality acrylic and durable PET materials, this fridge lazy susan is designed to withstand the test of time without any deformation. Cleaning is a breeze with just a soft cloth and mild detergents, as it can be easily washed with water. Tips: Avoid using the dishwasher to clean.
Heart-Centered Design: Our lazy susans embody a stylish design that stems from a heart-centered philosophy, infused with love to effortlessly enhance your convenience and bring abundant joy to both you and your loved ones. Experience the true essence of gift-giving with a heartfelt touch!

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